Hi everyone! I’m Pranav Mishra. Thanks for visiting my small corner of the web.

After developing a number of small scale websites for medical and research organizations over the years, I thought it’s finally time to launch my own. I hope this website scales and evolves as my professional and personal life grows. Who am I today?

I’m a son and older brother, a first generation American with Indian heritage, a doctor, technology enthusiast, and coffee lover. I’m a extroverted introvert. In the professional world, I’m comfortable speaking one-on-one with patients or to an audience over a thousand. Saying hello to a stranger (or building a website to talk about myself) is rather daunting. I love to learn and to teach. Cleaning and doing household chores is therapeutic for me.

I have had a unique journey over the last decade, working in the field of medicine in two roles on two continents. My vision is to combine the unique solutions which arise from working in the field as an EMT in the US or across an array of medical facilities in India. These novel approaches can be used to provide cost-effective healthcare in both urban and rural environments in the United States. I hope my journey through residency, fellowship, and beyond, additionally provides me with the capability to bring emerging techniques to the developing world.