MBBS Internship (2018-2020)

Role comparable to a US PGY-1 Transitional Year. Following the Final MBBS examinations, Indian doctors complete a “compulsory rotating internship”. Intern/house doctor in 11 departments, across primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings, treating patients speaking English, Hindi, and Kannada. Primary location: Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, KA, India

General Surgery (6 weeks)

  • Kasturba Medical College, Manipal: Direct responsibility for ~ 10 in-patients on service, ER call, out-patient clinic services
  • Intra-operative: first or second assist in open and laparoscopic general surgical cases
  • Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL (Abroad rotation)

Orthopedic Surgery (4 weeks)

  • In-patient management on the spine service, directly responsible for ~ 5-7 patients, trauma call, out-patient evaluation and follow-up
  • Second assistant in spine cases. First assist in trauma. Lead in traction pinning

Emergency Medicine (2 weeks mandated + 4 weeks additional)

  • Kasturba Medical College, Manipal: Level 1 trauma center. Lead physician for yellow and green zone. Assisted attendings with blue-zone critical, trauma, and ED-ICU patients
  • Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL (Abroad rotation)

Community (Family) Medicine (8 weeks)

  • Rural Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC) in Udupi District, KA: out-patient clinic, managing ~5-10 adult patients per day in the capacity of a family medicine physician
  • Dr. TMA Pai Rotary Hospital, Karkala, KA (Remote rural secondary care hospital): in-patient, out-patient, and emergency department duty for pediatric, OB/Gyn, and adult emergent patients.
  • Preventative and social medicine: community surveillance of HIV, leprosy, tuberculosis, complications from diabetes

Obstetrics and Gynecology (8 weeks)

  • In-patient/out-patient management of ~ 5-15 patients directly in services, including high-risk pregnancy, fetal medicine, oncology. Intra-op first or second assistant
  • Labor Theater: conducted / assisted deliveries, monitored/augmented progress of labor
  • Manipal Artificial Reproductive Centre­: evaluated for causes of infertility, assisted in management via ovulation induction, IUI, IVF

Internal Medicine (6 weeks mandated + 4 weeks additional research)

  • In-patient management of ~5-10 patients in ICU, step-down tele, and ward patients. Consult services and ER call duties. Out-patient adult clinic and university student clinic
  • COVID-19 research during non-clinical lockdown

Psychiatry (4 weeks)

  • Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System, Streamwood, IL, USA (Abroad rotation):  In-patient child psychiatry, assisting attending with ~15-20 acute patients
  • Coordinated pharmacology, behavioral, family, and DCFS care

Pediatrics (4 weeks)

  • In-patient management of ~15-20 patients directly. PICU and Peds ER call duty.
  • Out-patient evaluation, medication review, and vaccination

Ear, Nose, Throat – Head and Neck Surgery (2 weeks)

  • In-patient and intra-operative management for ~ 5 patients, assisting residents
  • Outpatient clinic including diagnostic procedures EUM, VDL, audiometry

Ophthalmology (2 weeks)

  • In-patient and intra-operative management for ~5 patients, assisting residents
  • Outpatient clinic, including assisting diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Anesthesia (2 weeks)

  • Assisting residents and attendings with intra-operative management
  • Critical care work for ventilator dependent ICU patients