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Curriculum Vitae


These are the Latex sources for my academic CV. It automatically pulls from .tex files in the /Bibliography directory. Alternatively, it can source all types of citations using the keyword filter in the cv.bib.

Download the latest compiled PDF: pranav_kumar_mishra_cv.pdf


You're free to reuse and modify this template under the terms of the BSD 3-clause License (see Significant credit goes to Leonardo Uieda who created the original repository. This repository is a modification on his work for content and style.


I use Tectonic to build the PDF from the sources. It's very convenient, can be installed from conda-forge, and is faster than using a normal LaTeX compiler. There are many ways to install it (see their website for instructions).

I highly recommend using the Makefile:

  • make: builds the PDF
  • make show: opens the PDF on the default web browser
  • make clean: removes the built PDF and any other generated files


A PDF is compiled automatically by GitHub Actions with every commit to the main branch and uploaded to the gh-pages branch. This way, the compiled PDF is updated and served automatically.


All LaTeX template source code is distributed under the BSD 3-clause License. See License for more information.