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In the summer of 2011, while elected to the role of Assistant Field Director of New Medics at the Washington University Emergency Support Team (EST), I started drafting an updated protocols for our EMT squad.

EST medics are promoted based on performance in mock calls, or exams with simulated patients. They work closely with medic buddies, medics who tutor rising juniors one-on-one. As a junior medic, I was fortunate to have strong guidance from two good senior EMTs. We also received expert lectures from emergency department physicians at the Washington University School of Medicine. Now as senior medic and member of the EST leadership, I hoped to write the knowledge and wisdom I gained from my teachers and patients in a workbook.

This e-book would be a living document, with protocols being updated per our medical director. Each protocol would have accompanying questions designed to test theoretical knowledge or how an EMT would respond to a particular patient presentation. Some of the questions address key points we exam during mock calls. Others are inspired from real patient encounters. Finally, the e-book advises rising medics how to approach the move up (promotion) process.

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Disclaimer: This document has not been updated since 2013 and may contain outdated information or practices. In addition, this document was created for internal education advisement only. Medical professionals are advised to follow the protocols of jurisdiction.

Note that the date of publication on this post was backdated to reflect the original time of the article’s event.