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Pulse Polio Programmme – Mobile Unit

Department of Health and Family Welfare – Udupi District

A child receives oral polio vaccine as a part of the Pulse Polio Programme
Credit: Elena Del Estal | CNN
Credit: The Hindu

The Pulse Polio Programme is annual nation-wide vaccine drive, as part of the Universal Immunization Programme through the Government of India. It seeks to administer Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) drops to every child between 0-5 yrs of age, irrespective of his/her prior vaccination history. Each year, approximately 172 million children are immunized through the Pulse Polio Programme. Healthcare workers set up booths at numerous public locations (e.g. bus/rail stations, post offices, schools) to administer the vaccines.

I was part of the mobile team, which traveled by van into the slums and remote areas. We would go door-to-door, asking if any children aged 5 or less lived in that home. OPV drops were administered and records were maintained on annual compliance. Additionally, while driving in our van with prominent signage, we were flagged down by parents who were unable to travel to the program’s booths. Additional responsibility of maintaining the cold chain without electrical refrigeration.

Feb 2016